Improve the quality of your final product by starting with excellent raw material and increase the output of your suppliers

Extend precision pollination to all your supply chains:
strategy and implementation is taken care of by our R&D team, which will provide you with a customized strategy!


Research and design:

the R&D department carries out a customised study for the producer to assess the best pollination strategy and identifies the type of pollinator (mason bees, bumble bees, honey bees) and the technology to be used in the specific case;


Buzzup provides the producer with the right number of nests/hives to place in his fields/indoor farm according to the strategic positions identified;


Each nest/hive is equipped with IoT sensors that collect information on pollinating insects and their surroundings, creating a daily report;


Thanks to complex machine learning algorithms, the data collected is translated into concrete directions to be followed in order to obtain the best pollination profit in the short flowering time window.

Certify your quality:

The improved quality of your products ย and your contribution to the repopulation of pollinating insects represents an added value of your products and will be highly appreciated by customers to today’s increasingly green footprint.

Stand out from competitors and make your brand bee-friendly!

Not only with precision pollination, but also with biodiversity monitoring and air quality analysis from honey.