Monitor pollination efficiency and bee health of your bees in real time

Making beekeeping more profitable than ever!

Save money by reducing bee loss, charging for quality service, and minimizing wasted effort on the job.


Install Buzzup Sensors In Your Hivesโ€‹

Install our sensors in your hives to begin monitoring. You can either buy them and pay for a subscription or rent them.

Data for farms

With the help of our devices, beekeepers can guarantee the performance of their bees and increase income from their pollination services.

Increase production of honey

With less manual checkups and more efficient data control through an app, beekeepers can produce more honey, save time, and only act when neccesary.

Never lose your hives

With the help of our GPS, beekeepers never have to worry about their hives getting stolen ever again and in case of theft, be able to retrieve them imediately.



Stolen bees returned to the owner


Increase of performance of bees

With Buzzup, 10 million stolen bees have been returned to their rightful owners so far, resuming pollination services and honey production. Bee health and pollination helped improve beekeeping services as well as saved beekeepers a lot of maintanence time.


Making an Impact on Pollination Services Across Farms

With the increasing demand for efficiency and data driven performance analysis, our devices can offer exactly that. Beekeepers can have a competetive advantage by proving the quality of their services.ย 


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