Pollination service

We identify the most suitable type of pollinator for the crop in question and provide the pollination service complete with nest or swarm and the support of a beekeeper from our trusted European network.
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Precision pollination

After making an initial study, a targeted pollination strategy is implemented, the accuracy of which is provided by the alert systems that allow early action to reduce all risk factors that could lower pollination quality. This process is supported by continuous monitoring via IoT sensors and the conversion of collected data into customized reports and alerts as needed.
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Biodiversity monitoring

Sensors installed in nests and on plants in the field are used to monitor the growth of local biodiversity. Periodic reports can be used in one's farm sustainability strategy and contain data on the increase in plant and insect biodiversity.
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Air quality report

We extract small samples of honey and conduct analyses at our contracted laboratories to detect the presence of particulate matter and heavy metals responsible for air pollution. By this way we provide air quality reports certifying the healthiness of the surrounding environment starting with pollinators.
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