IoT sensors to collect data
AI Technology to customize them
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Temperature and humidity sensor 

By monitoring humidity and temperature, important information about the health of the swarm is obtained and this helps to reduce bee loss. 

Sound sensor 

We translate the sounds emitted by pollinators in their nests into vital information about the health and activity of the swarm, enabling us to have immediate alerts on any slowdown in the correct pollination process.

Weighing scales

By monitoring changes in the weight of the nest or hive, we can reduce mortality by acting early on the causes that are reducing the insect population or their winter stocks. Thanks to this system, we can ensure good pollination even in the cold regions.


This sensor controls the activity of pollinators by monitoring their movements out of and into the nest. This data is crucial for monitoring pollination effectiveness, as it tells us whether and how much the pollinating insects are working.

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