Buzzup Precision pollination

What we do

Buzzup realises precision pollination, offering pollination monitoring and optimisation programmes to farmers, beekeepers, food producers and researchers. Using our technologies, we increase crop yields by up to 20% and improve the taste, colour and vitamin content of the fruit.

More than 80 per cent of the food we consume depends on pollination, as it is through pollination that the maximum yield and quality potential of crops is achieved. For this, pollination is not enough; it must be efficient and effective so as to prevent the risk of reduced crop yields, malformations and small crops, as well as contributing to fruit diseases.
This is why Buzzup offers an impactful, affordable, sustainable and result-oriented solution, which is continuously observed through daily data monitoring and regular reports.

Monitoring and optimizing pollination
The flowering period is short and one must make the most of pollination in this brief time frame.
Increase production by 20%
More flowers become fruit
Improve fruit quality
In terms of flavour, colour and vitamin content
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We are able to monitor different types of pollinators

Honey bees


Mason bees

Our solutions can be Applied to different agricultural environements

Open fields


Vertical farms

We respond to the need of different stakeholders

Today, a nest of pollinator insects is just like a black hole of information for everyone involved in the buzz chain… but Buzzup turns on the light!